Managing Risk with Custom Telematics Solutions 


Our vision is to help our clients succeed in reducing motor vehicle risks through the use of customized telematics solutions.  We are committed to making a difference through our people, a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who value our clients, deliver on promises and contribute to the reduction of motor vehicle risks through safety improvements and continuous oversight.


Driver and vehicle technologies are constantly evolving with an expanding array of products on the market. Our team is constantly testing new devices and applications in a wide variety of settings, enabling you to benefit from our research and first-hand insights.


Get professional oversight, expert guidance and proven problem-solving skills in all areas of telematics, including device selection, deployment and driver acceptance. If you already have a telematics program, we will help you unlock the benefits of this technology to achieve lasting results.


Through our integrated framework, we help organizations optimize technologies and proesseses with a full suite of proven operations and safety management consulting services designed to reduce risk, increase efficiencies and deliver value  to your organization.